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The exhibition Commercial Transport Expo Central Asia will be held in conjunction with the Kazakhstan International Automotive Expo supported by Automechanika. This regional project has already become «the crossroad» for European and Asian automotive market players. Following the steps of a world exhibition brand Automechanika, KIAE entered the Kazakhstan market to help industry participants establish contacts with local and regional target visitor groups.

KIAE mission is contributing to the creation of civilized conditions for cooperation between market participants, increasing of business turnover and strengthening of trade and industrial connections between local and foreign companies.

Presenting a classic range of products in the field of spare parts, automotive components and equipment for the vehicle maintenance, along with the latest developments and achievements in the industry, KIAE aims to promote growth and renewal of the local car market with the entry of new players, attract investments in the sector and to improve the competitiveness of local producers in the neighboring markets and partnerships.