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Brand-news from ISUZU at CTECA

Freight transport of the Japanese concern Isuzu Motors Limited is of high quality, advanced equipment, modern design, excellent operational characteristics and wide use possibilities.









A tilting cab and easy access to various units and assemblies greatly simplify the inspection and maintenance of the car. Operative repair and replacement of spare parts reduce the time of forced idle “Isuzu Elf 3.5”.

Manageability and maneuverability

The small turning radius of the Isuzu ELF 3.5 ensures ease of transport of goods along highways. Deliver cargo in tight urban conditions is now much more convenient







Security and safety

The use of the latest digital technology has provided the cabin with maximum lightness and rigidity, which increase the level of safety in the event of collisions. Virtually all surfaces of the cabin doors are strengthened, the car frame is reinforced. All this creates a protective frame, which ensures the preservation of the integrity of the cabin and reduces the risk of injury to passengers during an accident.

In the cabin of the car improved the indicators of lateral and forward vision. Thanks to this, the driver can better control the situation on the road. The car is equipped with the latest passive systems (safety belts with tensioners, the construction of the instrument panel to protect the knees in case of impact) and active (halogen headlights with multi-reflectors, EBD, ABS, ASR) safety.


Isuzu ELF 3-ton trucks are perfectly suited for carrying out any transport tasks related to the delivery of goods for short and medium distances. Such cars can be used for transportation of building materials, food products, various equipment, granular substances (sand, soil, crushed stone) and so on. Universal frame allows you to equip a truck with a carrying capacity of more than 1 ton by any type of superstructure:

on-board platform (with and without CMU);

van (isothermal, manufactured goods);

refrigerator (with refrigeration unit);

self-tilting body.

If necessary, a mini-truck can be equipped with an auto hydraulic lifter to perform work at height. This helper is perfect for builders, as well as for municipal and other organizations, ensuring the simplicity of pruning trees, maintenance of street lights, repair of power lines, renovation of billboards, etc.