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CBC will present the ISUZU D-MAX pickup at CTECA 2018

Pick-up ISUZU D-MAX is a car of world-famous Japanese brand. It combines Japanese traditions of quality, innovative technologies, improved technical characteristics and impeccable design. Based on centuries of experience, Japanese engineers have created one of the best cars in its class. To choose a car is often not so fast and easy, but along with dozens of interesting models, the Japanese classics will always be relevant and relevant. Both the driver and the passenger will feel the maximum comfort in the ISUZU D-MAX.








Main advantages
• The ISUZU D-MAX pickup features spaciousness and functionality, increased cab space and ergonomic seats create optimal conditions for long distance trips.
• Restrained finish, not attracting unnecessary attention, while testifying to the good taste of the car owner
• Practical interior
• Quality finishing materials
• Noise and vibration absorption

Diesel engine
Under the hood of the new D-max is the famous Isuzu diesel engine, which has excellent fuel efficiency and provides high power and torque in the widest speed range, sufficient for any work. The ISUZU team made every effort to guarantee you a pleasant experience from every trip.








Winter package
The new D-max is equipped with a “winter package”, which includes autonomous heating of the fuel tank, heating the fuel supply circuit including the fuel filter. Winter package heating fuel system guarantees the engine start in the cold season, heated interior and engine operating temperature.